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Welcome to the home of the magnificent SOKOLOVSKY AUTOMASTER Pistol!

Conceived by Paul Sokolovsky a self-made, self-educated Master Mechanical Engineer, the Sokolovsky Automaster Pistol has been hailed by firearms publications across the globe as one of the finest and most beautiful automatic pistols ever made - truly the “Rolls Royce of Auto Pistols.”

But that’s not the whole story.

As amazing as the scores of perfectly executed mechanical drawings he rendered are, such is the story of the man himself.

In order to achieve what those independently involved in the development of the Automaster regard as a mechanical miracle and in keeping with his “close to the vest” approach toward life, Paul Sokolovsky sets the stage for an intriguing look at one of history’s greatest one hit wonders.

Firearm purists, mechanical geniuses, collectors and those passionate about handguns will learn about the man, his life and his gun through the assembly of his memoirs and a chronicle of the development of the original Sokolovsky Automaster .45’s, coming soon!

We’re even in the process of reviving the manufacture of these patented masterpieces of mechanical engineering - carrying forward what Paul started but never finished - namely, to bring firearms perfection to those who have the means, wherewithal and desire to own one of the world’s most fascinating mechanical marvels.

As seen in what many consider to be the “Rolls Royce of Museums”, the NRA’s National Firearms Museum in Alexandria, Virginia, proudly displays not only two of the original prototypes of the Automaster in its “Mothers of Invention” display, but, as well, two production models, including Serial Number 1! When and if the time is right, and the stars are in alignment, we hope to possibly someday re-unite Paul’s original works of art with the pistols so the legacy of Paul Sokolovsky and his Automasters can live in harmony forever.

In keeping with advancing Paul Sokolovsky’s legacy as an artistic endeavor rather than an economic one, we are also building a private repository of all existent Automasters as well as a complete archive of everything Sokolovsky so, if you know of one, or own one, or you have information helpful to advance the cause, please contact us so we can chronicle your story along side of Paul’s. We have no intention of disclosing who you are since frankly we are first and foremost trying to determine exactly how many Sokolovsky’s are out there because Paul’s numbering and recordkeeping left a lot to be desired. Without your help, we may never actually know exactly how many of those first pistols he produced, so help us out, won’t you? We can be contacted via e-mail.

So much mystery surrounds the man and the gun that not only is his a true American Story of dedication and fortitude, but one of intrigue, suspense, emotion, and many of the other factors that when woven together make up the fabric common to some of America’s greatest innovators.

Keep checking back with us as the story and the Master’s accomplishments are brought back to life through the assembly of not only members of the original “team” but also through the eyes of those closest to him – who were not always privy to everything Paul was up to!

Paul Sokolovsky and his Automaster. The man, the machine and the mystery.

We’ll keep you posted, so you stay connected!


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